Our Approach


> We will accept all cancellations arising from virus concerns (whether due to Government instruction, marina policy or of the member who has booked with us). This is regardless of when/whether current national restrictions are eased.



> We will return any payments made to date if charterers or skippered charter berth takers so wish (or we will give credit for re-booking). Contact us if you want payment returned. If we do not hear from you and the date of your booking passes without our being able to make the yacht available, we will hold the credit for your next trip. This is our "no-go, no-cost" undertaking.

> Bookings for 2021 season now being taken.


> We will continue to review the implications of both national and local rules. We will endeavour to keep you up to date with our interpretation of the situation.

> While we will try to offer interpretations and guidance, it is the responsibility of those on board, on a work party or similar to ensure that current rules are complied with.

> If you are not a member but are interested in future sailing opportunities, drop us a line and we will keep your details on record to contact you when things straighten out a bit.

Cleaning requirements now available. Click here.

Update (February 2021)


There will be more information posted as soon as we can be more certain and we all know the caveats our governments are placing on plans but we have been examining the roadmaps for England and Scotland. They obviously have implications for the sailing season and, before that, for preparing the boats for the season.


While we can be reasonably sure there will be a freeing up of the rules in Scotland, dates remain uncertain until March announcements. Then we are being offered a possibility of a speedier relaxation than England. There will still be, however, a prospect of regional variations. We are talking to Largs Marina about lift outs for work parties but right now it seems like the local travel rules are the most significant issue.

In England, we are looking to get going with some low key preparation for the season under the "two persons rule" - again we are talking to our  marinas. There can't be any overnight stops at the boats for work party volunteers but we are hoping to be able to make progress.

When it comes to sailing, and it is likely that Solent Flame IV will be the first of the fleet to become available. Celtic Flame II relies more on volunteers living a distance from the marina and so work is unlikely to advance until we get further down the roadmap.


We have been looking at the roadmap, and the interpretations of comparable organisations, and think that, until 12th April, single-household/bubble day-sails will be possible. From the 12th, self-contained accommodation (which has included boats) is opening up and that means we can offer single-household/bubble charters.

Further relaxation of restrictions from 17th May mean that two households can sail together.


Unfortunately, presently there is  some vagueness in the roadmap as it does not again mention anything directly relevant to us. It does, however, suddenly "jump" on 21st June to “It is hoped all legal limits on social contact can be removed” but only talks in terms of “nightclubs... large events and performances … weddings and other life events“.

Remember when sailing from one jurisdiction to another you may become subject to different rules - this includes between the home nations and also cruises to France and Eire.

Work Parties: Please remember that no member that does not feel comfortable with undertaking work should feel unduly pressured even if they have customarily done specific tasks in previous years. If you want to volunteer contact Brian Hawkesworth.


Due to the nature of our operations, we cannot take responsibility for ensuring compliance with national or applicable local rules but, if members are willing to volunteer to assist with the winter programme, we need to be clear that it is the member's responsibility to comply with the guidance as at the time of attending the boat.

All dates for "available charters" are as we know them right now. The situation is obviously changing day-by-day - we will try to keep everyone informed of any changes as and when we know their impact.

Progress with the national vaccination programme obviously encourages us but we will be reviewing things like cleaning advice closer to the season opening.

Alan Phillpot


We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you up to date as things develop