> We will accept all cancellations arising from virus concerns (whether due to Government instruction, marina policy or of the member who has booked with us). This is regardless of when/whether current national restrictions are eased.



> Some members have paid made payments towards their bookings. We will return any payments made to date if charterers or skippered charter berth takers so wish (or we will give credit for re-booking). Contact us if you want payment returned. If we do not hear from you and the date of your booking passes without our being able to make the yacht available, we will hold the credit for your next trip.

> We are not taking new bookings at present. We will review when the national picture alters.

> If you are not a member but are interested in future sailing opportunities, drop us a line and we will keep your details on record to contact you when things straighten out a bit.

June Update (4)


Cleaning requirements now available. Click here.

The further relaxation of lockdown rules in the government review will mean sailing on Solent Flame IV and Celtic Flame II may resume in July. We are making plans to ready both boats for sailing with Solent Flame IV to be available from 9th July and Celtic Flame II from 12th July.

The situation in Scotland also appears to be changing. We are looking at the possibility of being able to ready Hebridean Flame II for 15th July.

As well as changing guidance and rules, we have to consider the logistics of the current state of boat preparation and availability of volunteers to complete any outstanding work.

We have re-opened the booking sheets – please use the calendar view of the sheets as this covers any daily variations that might arise.

There remains elements of uncertainty regarding Government policy and how third parties will apply that guidance, so we repeat our earlier statements that we will accept all cancellations arising from virus concerns (whether, for example, due to Government instruction, marina policy or of the member who has booked with us) with no penalty on the charterer.

We are feeling our way towards making the boats available to members and you, as members chartering the boat, will need to take two factors into account:

·         You will be required to ensure crews comply with whatever national rules apply at the time of the charter e.g. social bubbles meetings of more than one household, etc. It is for members to take new rules into account.

·         While we will seek to advise members closer to the specific charter date on matters such as cleaning regimes, it is your personal responsibility to meet requirements current at the time of charter

Due to the nature of our operations, we cannot take responsibility for ensuring compliance but, if members wish to go sailing, we need to be clear that it is their responsibility to comply with the guidance as at the time of their cruise.

So, if you book now and pay a deposit, you will not lose that deposit if a virus issue means you cannot proceed with the charter. Even if you have paid the full charter fee and then a virus issue gets in the way of you going sailing, you will not loose that fee.

We can go sailing!

Alan Phillpot


We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you up to date as things develop.

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