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Sailing Ships of the Bristol Channel by Viv Head

Many thousands of ships have sailed the waters of the Bristol Channel; this book tells the story of some of them, selected for their different design, or because of their particular working life or simply because of the stories that lay behind them. Some, a few, are large and well known, the SS Great Britain for example, others are smaller, like the diminutive General Picton a lightship’s lifeboat. Many I already knew of, others were a joy to discover and some of their stories will surprise you. Ships that were built locally, traded, raced, visited or set out on great voyages of discovery. Some were deep-sea sailing merchantmen or sleek greyhounds of the sea, others were simply work horses earning their keep in a notorious stretch of water. They may have sailed the Bristol Channel, but in reality they are all part of a remarkable world-wide maritime history.

Published by Amberley, it is in the shops now.

ISBN 978-1-4456-6400-2

Alternatively contact Viv Head directly via


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