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Skippered Cruises

Sometimes it just doesn't suit members to charter a whole boat. Also they may not want/be able to take up a "crew wanted" berth offered through our crew finder service - maybe the dates do not suit or the notice is too short. Because of this, we also offer Skippered Cruises.


Skippered Cruises allow you to join a yacht on a "per berth" basis. Each event has some kind of theme to give some idea of what the cruise is likely to be like. The theme might be much as with any full-boat charter e.g. cruise around Solent for weekend or   cruise across the Channel for a week (click to see an earlier trip) or it might be more specific.


In the past these more specific themes have included:

  • New Members' cruise - aimed to let several new members discover the practical side of GSA at the same time and to let them get to know other new members.

  • Skills Development - not sailing any great distance but letting members try out techniques such as coming alongside, picking up moorings, man overboard, navigation underway, in practice.

  • Night Hours cruise - emphasising sailing at night and qualifying towards RYA night hours requirements.

  • Gourmet Cruises - does not require much explanation!


Running these cruises does depend upon the availability (and goodwill) of volunteer skippers but our target is to offer 20 Skippered Cruises per season. Click below to see what cruises are currently planned and use the Contact Form and we will let you know more.


Please note that Skippers on these cruises are Go Sailing Association approved but are not necessarily RYA qualified. You are expected to be an active crew member within the limits of your skills and knowledge.


Plotting a three-point fix and planning next leg while on a Skills Development themed Skippered Cruise.

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