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This is the option for members who want to charter so that family or friends sail together.


Check Availability

The first step is to check on availability of the yacht you wish to charter. Checking the Boat and Berthing Availability (clicking the button at the bottom of this page will guide you to the right place to access Availability) will give you a start to talk to the rest of the possible crew.


When you have an idea of the date you want (ideally with alternate date in case someone has booked since the list was published) you will need to check with the Administrator via phone or e-mail (details will be supplied when you join).


Offer of Charter

When you have confirmed you want the date, you will be sent an "Offer of Charter". When you have returned the offer (with your "Advance Payment") the period will be reserved in your name.


Charter Confirmation

Full charter papers will be issued several weeks prior to your booking. The balance of the charter fee and a security deposit is due six weeks before the start of the charter period.



For the charter to go ahead, there must be an appropriate GSA skipper aboard - "appropriate" depends upon the planned cruise and the qualification scheme is described elsewhere on this site. If you do not have a skipper, tell us from the time of the first enquiry about availability and we will try to help you find one from amongst the GSA membership.


Spare Berths

If you don't have a full crew let us know and we will advertise the berth - it helps you spread the cost and to make new friends.


After the cruise

At the end of the cruise, you must complete a cruise report - this confirms the final crew, where you have been and updates us about the condition of the boat. The report form is located in the ship's logbook and provides you with a check-list for arrival and departure. Once completed, detach one copy from the log book and send it, along with any expense claim, to the Fleet Manager. You can send a paper copy or simply photograph/scan the report - addresses are with your charter paperwork. It is really useful to us if you enclose photographs of any damage (accidental or wear-and-tear). Please note that claims not supported by an invoice/receipt may not be accepted.

If there is no incident, the security deposit will be returned to you after the charter period. Note that any deduction following an incident needs authorisation by the National Officers and/or Committee - it's not something we do lightly!

The above is a summary of how charters work - the actual charter is governed by the rules of the Association and a formal charter agreement.

Bareboat Charter

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