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How to Go Sailing

For Solent sailing, for West Country sailing and for Clyde/Western Isles sailing you can either....

  • be part of a bareboat charter, or

  • join a skippered cruise,


For a bareboat charter, a group of friends get together and one of them charters one of the yachts - you get to choose who sails with you and when and where you go. One of your group must be a Go Sailing Association recognised skipper.


For a skippered cruise, Go Sailing Association publishes dates and provides a skipper. When dates are published, we outline what sort of cruising is planned - general cruising, cross-Channel, "skills development", etc.. It's a great way to meet other members.


Hopefully, you will want to become a Go Sailing Assciation skipper. Some members never do, and that's OK, but if it appeals to you then our scheme is described here. We recognise external qualifications as well.

The members own the boats, they look after them, they run the Association.


If you join us you'll become part of a friendly, happy crew of like-minded nautical souls who enjoy everything the sport has to offer - including excitement and camaraderie..


We're always on the lookout for willing volunteers to help maintain our boats - it is the efforts of volunteers that keeps the cost of sailing with us as low as it is. On the other hand, if you'd rather just sail then that's fine too as long as you lend a good helping hand whilst on board!


When you sail with us, you sail your own yacht.

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