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The fleet consists of three boats based in three locations.

Ocean Flame IV offers access to the Channel as well as the popular sheltered waters of the Solent and South Coasts. The home port is Southampton.


Celtic Flame II is based in Plymouth and Hebridean Flame II has its home port on the Clyde .


All our yachts are berthed in modern, fully supported marinas. They are picked for their access from all parts of the country and the sailing opportunities they offer.


It cannot be emphasised enough but, when you join GSA, you become a part-owner of the yachts. Your fellow members hope that you will take an active role as you would with a yacht owned in your own name. While this means that you undertake routine maintenance and repairs while on board and, hopefully, join in with work-parties and the running of GSA, we do not expect you to perform this role without the support of our Fleet Manager, Bosuns and other members.


All our yachts are equipped to a high standard (our specifications are based upon DoT "Coded" standards) and carry a dinghy and outboard motor, life jackets, updated charts and other safety equipment. Many of these items may incur an extra charge with some commercial charters, but are included by the GSA as standard.  Also, at no surcharge, we provide a cruising chute on all yachts.


Click below for more on each yacht and our home ports.


Yachts are often moved away from their home port - this is to give even more varied cruising grounds. Look on news and availability pages for more information.


The Go Sailing Association Fleet

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