General News

2020 Sailing Season

Obviously, the 2020 season was not our most successful but we managed the situation proactively and put several cost savings in place from the beginning. Consequently, we are in a better financial situation than many and we can look forward to 2021 with confidence that we can meet your bookings.

Committee Meeting - November 2020

A virtual Committee meeting was held on 10th November and several points came up beyond the normal business:

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held on Saturday 16th January at 1500. It will be held virtually, using Zoom. We will work on producing some guidance and publish it in good time but we already know you will have to provide your own Steak and Guinness pie!


We know around two-thirds of members open their copy of the Seafarer - hopefully they read it as well! But what about the other third? A couple of issues were thought relevant - is your email address up to date and is Seafarer going to your spam box? Please check things are right at your end as Seafarer is the main way that we can proactively communicate with you e.g. the AGM guidance above.

Crew Lists

Some members are good at declaring crew members, others (and they should know who they are) are not so good. There are several implications arising from our not knowing who is on board - if a disaster occurs how can we tell the Coastguard who to look for? If a non-declared member causes an incident will insurance cover be affected and will that crew member, the charterer and the skipper become personally liable?

Cruise Reports

Again, some members are good at returning these, others (and they should know who they are) are not so good. The poorer ones are often those who are not so good at declaring crew members. If you do not provide a proper report you are running the risk that you will not be able to show something was wrong with the boat when you got on board and we may assume that everything was perfectly OK or you would have told us - your security deposit is at risk. It's not hard to make the report - if you like, you can take a photograph or scan a copy to forward to us (make sure it is legible) rather than using snail mail.

If there is any damage (accident or "wear-and-tear") on the boat it really helps us if you can send photographs.

The 2021 Season

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