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General News

Work Parties 2023

Work parties have been planned for following dates:

  • Celtic Flame II 15/3 to 17/3,

  • Ocean Flame IV 21/3 to 23/3 and

  • Hebridean Flame II 31/3 to 2/4

Please contact Fleet Manager or relevant Bosun if you can help on some or all of these dates.... Thank you - it's your club and boats and any assistance will be much appreciated!!!


We have bought a Bavaria 36 to replace Solent Flame IV. The 36 is designed to allow short-handed sailing and we plan to allow Coastal Skippers to charter her - as we do with Hebridean Flame II which is a similar size.

We have completed most of the initial work programme but some remains to be done during the winter maintenance schedule. Crew size will be limited to 6 but any charterer wishing to have a crew of 7 or 8 (the theoretical maximum of berths) should contact the Fleet Manager to discuss.

There is a video of the delivery trip from Benfleet to Shamrock Quay - click the link to go to the video page.

AGM February 2022

The AGM was held at a new venue this year and on a new date to coincide with the BoatLife Live show in the NEC. There was a good turn-out, supplemented by members using Zoom to virtually attend.


All the normal business was successfully concluded. Minutes are being drafted but headlines included:


Yacht Replacement

A small-sub-committee was being set-up to consider replacing Solent Flame IV. A draft brief for the sub-committee was outlined to the meeting. The brief will be published to members in Seafarer and opportunity given for members to comment.

Cruise Reports

We have made this plea before but.... It's not hard to make the report - if you like, you can take a photograph or scan a copy to forward to us (make sure it is legible) rather than using snail mail. If you do not provide a proper report you are running the risk that you will not be able to show something was wrong with the boat when you got on board and we may assume that everything was perfectly OK or you would have told us - if you have not substantiated something wrong with the yacht when you get on board then your security deposit is at risk.

If there is any damage (accident or "wear-and-tear") on the boat it really helps us if you can send photographs.

Annual General Meeting 2023

18th February 2023 - details in Seafarer

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