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Boat and Berth Availability

If you want more information on any of the following or day-sail/non-standard cruise periods, e-mail 


Skippers Wanted

We are running several Club Cruises during the year and need skippers. Dates of the cruises are shown on the availability chart below. If you can help out, please e-mail us on


Crew Wanted

No requests at moment


Skippered Charters

*Dates of cruises are shown below. There are more details of planned Skippered charters are on the Skippered Cruises Prices and Dates page.  Check with before you make commitments!


Skills Charters

* Dates of cruises are shown below.   Check with before you make commitments!

*We are expecting to release dates for Skippered and Skills Charters as the country progresses along the Roadmaps appropriate to our home marinas.

Booking a Bareboat Charter

The latest published booking sheet can be accessed by clicking the button below. (We're sorry but it isn't possible to display the booking sheet in all tablet/phone formats - please contact us if you have difficulty).  Click the button to bring up the booking request form - bookings are not confirmed until we have issued the charter papers and you have returned them with necessary payments.


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