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Joining Go Sailing Association

If there is any information you want  please use the form on the "Contact" page and someone will get back to you.


Joining the GSA is simply a matter of completing the Application Form that you can access below. Return the form to us and we will let you know.


We also ask that you complete a Direct Debit mandate, availble below, as it keeps down administration costs.



New Members

See the Special Offer below.



  • Individual: £40 p.a.

  • Family (parent(s) and children who are living in the family home or in full-time education): £55 p.a.


Joining Fee

Fees as for renewals plus a joining fee of £15 - this is included in the special Offer for New Members (not returning members).


Temporary Membership

If continuing membership does not seem appropriate to you, please contact us to discuss.



Join now for a very special offer. Sign up for a "half-week" Skippered Cruise* at £210 and get one year of membership and the joining fee for free. Or, if you want family membership, sign up two family members for a Skippered Cruise* cruise at £420 and get one year of family membership and the joining fee for free.


* The event will be as described to existing members. "Half-week" duration may vary according to whether includes a weekend or other reasons but duration is published in advance. Click here for description of cruises. 

By arrangement with the Administrator and the specific charterer, the value of the Skippered Cruise berth may be credited against charter fees of a bareboat charter. Offer only available to new members.

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