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Alternate sites from Richard Scholes

Richard offers these alternate resources. Some he has found as useful for use on mobile phones - more text and less graphics.


Met Office Text only

Met Office Mobile Site (not very data light)

Met Office Synoptic Charts +24 hours +36 hours +48 hours +60 hours +72 hours +96 hours +120 hours combined page with thumbnails of all charts (only 260kb)

Issue times of the various charts can cause confusion. As far as I know –

  • Analysis charts are usually available by 0320. 0920, 1520 and 2120

  • 24-hour forecasts are usually available by 0520. 1120, 1720 and 2320

  • T+36 and T+48 forecasts by 0620/1820 UTC

  • T+60 and T+72 forecasts by 0720/1920 UTC

  • T+84 forecasts are only issued once a day at about 0930 UTC

  • T+96 and T+120 forecast are only issued once a day, based on 1200UTC data, usually available after 2320 UTC

Met Eireann (mobile site) Sea Area Forecast Gale/Small Craft Warnings Coastal Reports

Meteo Consult Marine (Mobile Site) - (French National Weather Service I believe) Inshore forecasts split into 72 areas for UK & Ireland coasts

METARS – Aviation Actual Conditions (from aerodromes – many on coast)

Midge Forecast for Scotland J

Other Detailed harbour & route/nav info from experienced yachties covering Irish coast and expanding to English coast (Hampshire & Sussex so far) Up to date corrections for charts & Pilot books. From email exchange with Brian last year I believe Imray C Charts are the only current charts that will be maintained on our boats - so definitely worth providing easy access to updates as they can be over 5 years between editions. Presume most/all Pilots on other boats are Imray produced/distributed so updates for those Pilots also available here. Updates for Clyde Cruising Club Pilots UK/Ireland/Channel online Almanac (with tides, marina, weather details etc) designed for touch screen mobiles & tablets

Sailing Forums Yachting Monthly’s Scuttelbutt PBO Reader to Reader UK Cruising Forum inc extensive Scottish sailing section

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