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Alternate sites from Richard Scholes

Richard offers these alternate resources. Some he has found as useful for use on mobile phones - more text and less graphics.


Met Office Text only

Met Office Mobile Site (not very data light)

Met Office Synoptic Charts

Issue times of the various charts can cause confusion. As far as I know –

  • Analysis charts are usually available by 0320. 0920, 1520 and 2120

  • 24-hour forecasts are usually available by 0520. 1120, 1720 and 2320

  • T+36 and T+48 forecasts by 0620/1820 UTC

  • T+60 and T+72 forecasts by 0720/1920 UTC

  • T+84 forecasts are only issued once a day at about 0930 UTC

  • T+96 and T+120 forecast are only issued once a day, based on 1200UTC data, usually available after 2320 UTC

Met Eireann (mobile site)

Meteo Consult Marine (Mobile Site) - (French National Weather Service I believe) Inshore forecasts split into 72 areas for UK & Ireland coasts

METARS – Aviation Actual Conditions (from aerodromes – many on coast)

Midge Forecast

Other Detailed harbour & route/nav info from experienced yachties covering Irish coast and expanding to English coast (Hampshire & Sussex so far) Up to date corrections for charts & Pilot books. From email exchange with Brian last year I believe Imray C Charts are the only current charts that will be maintained on our boats - so definitely worth providing easy access to updates as they can be over 5 years between editions. Presume most/all Pilots on other boats are Imray produced/distributed so updates for those Pilots also available here. Updates for Clyde Cruising Club Pilots UK/Ireland/Channel online Almanac (with tides, marina, weather details etc) designed for touch screen mobiles & tablets

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